If August is the sky month in my mind, I think October is a ground month. A period of coming back down to the surface after all that time up in the clouds. Reconnecting roots and settling in. Becoming humus.

It seems like it would be fun to make up a full lunar calendar. The W̱SÁNEĆ one is fitting but too salmon-focused for my lifestyle. I’ll think about it.

The abundant apples of last month now belong to the soil
She won't sit on the wet grass, but will gesture

Sunday 10 – Thanksgiving at Tom & Blair’s with the usual suspects. Overeating is easy. I can’t imagine a game of Lunchbox without mention of Mr Peanut.

Monday 11 – Out to see the parents in Sidney for the afternoon. We go out there and lift heavy things for them now. And they try to feed Hazel all the things she doesn’t need at all the times she shouldn’t eat. It’s still a sitcom.

Mom with the most authentic "these pigeons better not shit on me" face

Saturday 23 – Continuing to capitalize on breaks between rains with walks. We spotted that burning ship. The world is rich with colour right now.

Friday 29 – TK Mix is high quality karaoke. It’s been a very long time since I’ve sung that loudly and it felt fantastic to be boisterous.

Saturday 30 – More walks in the woods at PKOLS to grasp at the sunshine. The leaves are almost overwhelming in how vivid they are. The whole forest is just glowing and you could feel the energy from it in everyone on the trails.

Wrapped up spooky month with a viewing of The Craft (1996), perfectly accompanied by Tom’s spread of delectable treats. Chromatica devilled eggs! Gasp!

The next night, on Halloween, we watched Suspiria (2018) again and it successfully made me dizzy and unnerved and thrilled and confused. 5 stars. The subtitles were missing for some of the languages which felt like it was intentional (it wasn’t), like you were expected to just follow along through the visuals alone. Or a scoff at lazy North Americans for only speaking English. Nope, it was just deeper in the settings menu. I’m multiple types of lazy.